Tap News

February 17, 2010

Price: $49.99

Tap News is an iphone-app style mobile plugin/theme package that instantly converts your wordpress site into a mobile web-application experience. It is specially designed for iPhone/iPod touch, Android, and Blackberry touch mobile device. The theme features elegant iPhone-style sliding layout, and it will truly turn your site into a mobile application. Other features include thumbnail pictures, full support for twitter, social bookmarking, and email.

It is a great choice for News bloggers, and it is a perfect alternative to an iPhone or Andorid application for your site.

Latest version: 2.1

What’s New in 2.1?

Option added to allow the theme to automatically retrieve the first attached image from the post as featured image (thumbnail) when no image is specified.

Theme Features

  • Mobile detector is integrated
  • Three theme styles (Black, White, Silver)
  • Native iPhone application style design
  • Easy post thumbnail insertion (Two methods with One Option, WPtap Legacy Method, WP3.0 Thumbnail Method, plus Automatically Retrieve Option)
  • Adjustable post font size
  • Fully support WordPress 3.0+
  • Selectively display/hide categories
  • Enables multi-layer category display
  • Selectively display/hide pages
  • Changeable title font color
  • Social bookmarking for Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace
  • iPhone desktop icon upload

Standard Features

  • User-selected theme toggle (between WPtap view and your site’s regular look)
  • AJAX, jQuery & effects
  • The ability to turn advanced javascript effects & ajax on/off
  • Full WordPress search, pages, archives, categories, tags and links support
  • Theme native social bookmarking support
  • iPhone/iPod touch native post e-mailing support
  • iPhone/iPod touch native RSS subscription support
  • Ajax comments, posted in real time
  • Ajaxed pagination (users can browse posts like YouTube videos)
  • Manually edit your site’s title and its appearance to fit WPtap theme
  • Admin inclusion/exclusion of author name, date, category, and tags in your post appearance.
  • Admin inclusion/exclusion of site categories, pages, login form shown in the theme’s menu
  • Easily insertion of Google, Admob ads (and more) to your posts
  • Auto image re-sizing for best appearance on iPhone (Both portrait and landscape)
  • Fully support iPhone, Android, Blackberry Storm series, and Nokia S60+ series.


  • " Thanks for your great customer service. You guys are so nice! I love your News Gallery theme. My site is picture-oriented and it looks great after installing News Gallery. My daily visitors praised my site design and now the mobile traffic is ... "
  • Lori C., US More
  • " I think your theme/plugin design and customer support are number one. It is worth to keep an eye on your sites, because you regularly release new themes and updates. I have purchased one theme for my site from one of your counterparts..."
  • Aaron Z., US More
  • " Tap News theme is indeed superb. I have to say you are innovative. It is very convenient for those who are used to playing iPhone. Just makes a website looks like an iPhone application. Awesome idea!"
  • Eric S., UK More

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